Mermaid "Stormy Seas" Seaglass & Sterling Silver Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain (Medium)

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We believe that these necklaces are worn by mermaids to bring them luck and help them to find true love under the sea. The mixture of colours is reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea in summer. Our aqua and seafoam seaglass necklaces are the perfect accessory for summer colours.

This pendant has 5 beautifully matched pieces of seaglass on sterling silver and  sits on a 18" sterling silver chain with a sterling silver clasp. 

Each necklace varies slightly as they are made from individual pieces of  glass found on our beautiful Mediterranean beaches.  Which means that no one else will have a necklace exactly like yours!

As seaglass is a naturally sourced material from the shores of the Mediterranean sea here in Spain there will be some visible flaws in the surface of the glass.  This adds to the charm and uniqueness of each piece of Seahorse jewellery. 


Size of glass bar is 3cm wide x 1cm tall

Materials: Glass, Sterling Silver, Silver Plated Bead