About Seahorse

Seahorse is an ethical jewellery company based in Alicante, Spain creating one-of-a-kind statement jewellery pieces.  It was founded by Lesley Elder with help from her husband (who prefers to stay behind the scenes!) and their 3 year old "mad mixture" short-legged furry friend Rambo. 

Lesley says:  "Being on the Mediteranean coast gives us access to lots of natural materials for making jewellery.  We were out walking Rambo on the beach one day, picking up bits of plastic rubbish along the way and we kept finding lovely pieces of glass. I said to my husband that I wanted to make a necklace with one stunning aqua coloured piece of glass we found and that's kind of how it all began". 

Lesley had previously commuted back and forth to the UK from their home in Spain  working as a project manager in financial services.  But being diagnosed with arthritis and then fibromyalgia meant the travelling and stressful job became too much.  She explains what happened next: 

"I had started to learn jewellery making, working mainly with silver and seaglass and as my health began to get worse I started to realise that I would prefer to stay at home and focus on making Seahorse a success". 

The business was officially launched in October 2019 and is slowly establishing a reputation for ethical practices and creative design. 

"We make our jewellery mainly from seaglass, stones and pebbles found on our beautiful beaches, and whenever possible we use eco-silver.  Using sterling eco-silver (0.925) in our designs helps to minimise the damage to the environment that newly mined precious metals can cause, such as pollution to rivers. Eco-silver is genuine sterling silver, the only difference is that is has been recycled from existing products such as mobile phones" explains Lesley. 

Lesley continues: "We are now sending jewellery all over the world.  We have customers in the UK, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Sweden, France and, of course, here in Spain. I think people really value having something hand-made rather than mass produced in an anonymous factory somewhere.  And they know that there are no issues around low pay or unfair working practices because everything is made by us personally. Another great thing is that we use recycled materials in our packaging and we do re-use outer packaging that comes to us from suppliers. We minimise the packaging wherever possible so there won't be any huge boxes arriving from us with a tiny box inside them and a load of plastic stuffing!" 

At Seahorse our Environmental & Ethical Policy is very simple: 

"Collecting items from the beach means that we see the damage caused to the sea by plastic pollution nearly every day.  We are strong advocates for the environment and avoid using plastic in our jewellery or packaging. We regularly conduct beach cleans when we are out searching for the amazing seaglass that forms our unique jewellery pieces. We aim to source locally and use the lightest possible packaging to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible. We strive to limit our impact on the environment.  If you think there is more we can do please let us know!"  Seahorse founder Lesley Elder 

When you buy Seahorse jewellery not only are you buying something unique with its own story and character but you are helping us continue to do our bit for our beautiful planet.  Thanks for visiting and we hope you will fall in love with our jewellery and become another cherished Seahorse customer. 

Lesley Elder, October 2019


You can keep up with the Seahorse team's activities by following their Facebook page, just click here.



You may know that our little dog Rambo is a key member of the Seahorse team.  But you may not know that he was taken in by the Paradise Rescue Kennels here in Alicante when he was only 8 weeks old after being found alone in the mountains (see photo at the bottom of the page).  We will be forever grateful to them for giving our beloved boy a chance and this month we are giving back by donating £10/€12 from every item sold in our Beach Pebble collection to help them with their monthly food and vets bills.  If you are thinking about a small gift for someone special this month do keep the Beach Pebble collection in mind.  AND we will hand deliver in the Alicante/ Costa Blanca South area. 

You can find out more about Paradise on the Facebook page.  Just look for Paradise Rescue Kennels.  Click here to buy from the Beach Pebble collection.