"Tranquility" Aqua Seaglass with Sterling Silver & Copper Bead Pendant

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The heavy aqua coloured seaglass is beautifully smooth and translucent.  The glass holds the light beautifully making the glass look like water. It's trimmed with a unique ecosilver and copper design and sits on an 18" sterling silver chain.

These pieces are not easy to find! To get this purity of glass with such a smooth finish and few flaws is a great find.  We will definitely be returning to this beach near Mazarron in Murcia to look for more. 

The simple elegance of this piece makes it a perfect gift for any age. 

As seaglass is a naturally sourced material from the shores of the Mediterranean sea here in Spain there will be some visible flaws in the surface of the glass.  This adds to the charm and uniqueness of each piece of Seahorse jewellery. 

Each piece of Seahorse jewellery comes in a Seahorse branded gift box.  All of our products and packaging are plastic free to help protect our oceans. We use recycled materials wherever possible. 


Size of pendant: 7cm long x 4cm wide 


Materials: Glass, Sterling Silver, Copper