Why We Avoid Using Plastic

Posted by Lesley Elder on

We try to use recycled or naturally found materials in all of our jewellery here at Seahorse.  Its not the easiest, or the cheapest way to do business. But because we live by the sea on Spain's sunny Costa Blanca we can see firsthand the damage inflicted on our environment. 

We live in a tourist area and many of the beaches are cleaned on a daily basis by the local townhalls.  But unfortunaly not all of them are.  And quite often we find all sorts washed up on the beach when we are busy searching for the unique seaglass that we use in our designs. Plastic tampon applicators (does anyone really need a plastic applicator??), plastic water bottles, cola bottle caps, packaging waste, fishing line and nets. And that is unfortunately just the start of a very long list. 

We try to collect what we can and take it to be recycled. The sad fact is that what ends up on the beach is only a fraction of what is actually in the sea. 

But this problem, very well highlighted by our hero David Attenborough in Blue Planet II, has inspired us to make a difference. We avoid using plastic in our products.  And we will continue to collect what we can from our local beaches.  We will also be launching a collection to support a marine conservation charity in the not too distant future - watch this space! 

Photo: Rambo, our office dog, helping to find sea glass and clean up the plastic from the beach near Alicante. 


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