Lockdown Update - April 2020

Posted by Lesley Elder on


There is a glimmer of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel here in Spain. A phased easing of restrictions was announced yesterday. My first question? When can we go to the beach??!!

We haven't been able to get to one of our glass beaches for 2 months!! 2 months!! Or to any beach actually! 😱😱😱

I can only imagine what treasures are waiting for us as we have had at least 3 big storms during that time. 😁💎😁

I know poor Rambo is also desperate.. he's become a little bit of a chubster over the last 6 weeks. I walk him round the block but I can't run very fast (fibromyalgia, terrible knee and hip pain!) and I play football on the terrace with him but it's not enough to compensate for his mad runs up and down the beach. 🐕😁

The lockdown rules are quite complicated, I think one of us can go to the beach with the dog this weekend for up to an hour but my husband is going to call the local guardia civil first just to check as we don't want to get a massive fine!

Today I need to venture to the post office - again. Tried to go yesterday but a huge roadblock with the guardia checking where people are going so i missed it. Will go earlier this morning in case it's the same. We have items going to Switzerland, Spain and Wales today!!

Have a great day everyone, I will be sure to post a video the second we make it to the beach!

Lesley at Seahorse

ps don't forget, today is the last day of the sale!!


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