A Day in the Life... What's life really like at Seahorse HQ?

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When I tell people I live near the beach in Spain the general reaction is “ooh, lovely...I'd love to go to the beach everyday!”


Sadly, it's not quite what people expect as I do need to work, even if it's a lot more fun than what I did before coming to Spain (not that working as a business/change consulting isn't exciting...ha ha). I help my husband with the estate agency business, as well as run the Seahorse jewellery brand. And I now have a new venture underway, helping other people to start their own craft businesses at LaunchYourCraftBusiness.com (LYCB). Which I absolutely love. So much fun watching other people develop their ideas.


So what's it really like living and working in Spain? 


Read more below to find out:


7am – I wake up and first thing I do is switch on my big indulgence. I spent a fortune on a oh-so-worth-it coffee machine which grinds the beans and makes the perfect latte (no plastic pods here!) It's used everyday, sometimes 3 times a day, and I need it to get my eyes open in the morning!


7.30am – I let Rambo out. He's our mixed bag of corgi legs, border collie face and brain, and dachshund cuteness tiny dog who thinks he's a big dog. I feed him and Smurf the studio cat. After walkies for everyone (yes, the cat comes too) it's back inside for breakfast, read the news and a quick check of Facebook and email.


8.30am – check the diary for hubbies property appointments, send confirmation messages and prepare any notes for my meetings.


10.00am – this morning I have a call with the lovely Bhawna at Artisanryco a social enterprise in the UK which supports artists and crafters. We discuss making the LYCB courses available to students and throw around some ideas around how we can make the most of a collaboration between our two businesses. It's a great organisation to be inolved with, especially as the work their makers do is of such high quality. Second coffee and onto the next thing!


11.00am – Take photos of some of the Seahorse jewellery I made yesterday ready to add to the Christmas catalogue. It's a cloudy day today but still bright so the light is good for nice, sharp photos.


12.30pm – A call with another potential collaborator, this time a clothing company in Marbella called Positively Organics. I want to find out if they can design and make some mermaid t-shirts for the Seahorse Christmas shop. They are an ethical business, also plastic free, and use organic materials so I'm really happy with what they have to offer. They send through some example designs for me to have a look at and I choose 6 to start with but can't resist the cotton canvas shopping bag as well.


2pm – lunch and watch the Spanish news. Virus, virus, virus, so switch it off and take Rambo for another quick walk. We look longingly at the beaach but today's not a beach day unfortunately.


3pm – In to the studio do work on more designs for Seahorse. I'm having a silver curls and circles vibe at the moment. Cut my finger as I'm filing a piece of silver and go in search of a plaster. And a t-shirt that doesn't have blood on it. Who says my life in Spain isn't glamorous??? Hee hee...


5pm – make something that will go in the oven for dinner later and pop round to the shop to get fresh bread, tomatoes and more olive oil. We do eat quite healthily here which helps to offset the glass of wine I have with dinner!


6pm – Post a few social media things for LYCB and Seahorse. Review my course notes for LYCB as I am doing a live call at 8pm for the Rapid Start training course. It's on every night this week and I'm looking forward to hearing how the participants are getting on. Take Rambo for his proper walk and feed him and Smurf. Promise Rambo that tomorrow is a beach day. He needs a run and we need to find more seaglass to meet the upcoming Christmas demand. He wags his tail in agreement. I think.


8pm – Pop dinner in the oven to have after the live call and login to Zoom ready to start.


9.30pm – The call went well, the participants are doing really well and I'm excited for them. Time for dinner with hubby and watching some netflix before final walk of the day with Rambo. Looking forward to tomorrow - a beach and seaglassing day... :-)



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